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We are using only 100% real and of the best quality precious and semi-precious gemstones and trying to keep prices at high accessories levels.


FAIRYTALE designs are simple, elegant and can be worn in all occasions. Their unique play between dazzling gemstones and materials such as gold, silver and also high quality silk threads, will be just perfect with your bathing suit or  jeans but also for a glam night out, and they will surely make a statement.


t takes many  hours to make even the most simple piece. These labor intensive lovelies are always meticulously hand crafted with attention to detail, lots of love, pathos (passion) and powerful intention.


In FAIRYTALE jewellery we make sure that every single piece you hold in your hands is as perfect as its original design. Some pieces which are made of precious or semi precious stones, or crystals,  will not be 100% identical to the original designs, due to their originality as Nature provides. They will however be identical in style and color.

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