Gladiator style High Greek Leather sandals "MELITI"

  • Make a statement with these so beautiful, elegant handcrafted leather sandals, inspired by the famous gladiators, in Ancient Greece.

    The knee-high  Gladiator sandal is perfect for pairing with a little black dress or short shorts. They are perfect to show your legs  for miles.

    They will complement your outfit and will become your perfect summer accessory, for a day in the city, or for evening cocktails. How jealous would everyone be to see you prancing down the street in them?

    They were worn (the plain ones) by some of the biggest names in Art and show-biz including the Beatles, Jackie Onassis, Rudolf Nureyev, Sophia Loren, and they are based on the footwear of Socrates, Plato, Pericles, Achilles, and Helen of Troy.