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About Sibylla Delphica


​​​"Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, LOVE gives us a FAIRYTALE..."

In SIBYLLA DELPHICA we believe that nothing is better than making a piece from scratch, sending it out into the world creating a fairytale through our  art... 

SIBYLLA DELPHICA is an eco conscious luxury designer brand, based in Athens, Greece and was born in the beginning of 2016.
The name SIBYLLA DELPHICA was inspired by the rich Ancient Greek Myths.
“The Delphic Sibyl” was a legendary figure who made prophecies in the sacred precinct of Apollo at Delphi, on the slopes of Mount Parnassus, in Ancient Greece, and should be considered as one of the priestesses of Apollo.
Each SIBYLLA DELPHICA design is totally made by hand in Greece, by skillful artisans and with the highest quality of materials.

Our creations attire the modern, bohemian,

and simple chic and classic style.
Our goal is to create appreciable pieces, made with

lots of love and care.
Our designs are inspired by the natural beauty

of Greek islands, the fascinating blue tones of the Aegean

Sea, and the clear sky.

They offer an elegant, dramatic and timeless presentation.

Sustainably sourced gemstones and supplies, transcend

colorful notions of design that are distinctively matched

with our unique iconic styles giving each piece

a refreshing and contemporary feel.

Our creations imbue each piece with a unique sense

of artistry and aesthetic that has been shaped by

the Hellenic culture and its rich Mediterranean heritage.

We take pride in our unique craftsmanship culture and

a passionate approach to perfecting our craft developed

through more than 15 years of creativity & innovation.
Since everything is made by hand, each piece is unique and takes hours or even days to be made. They are completely designed, produced and manufactured in our workshop in Greece, trying to contribute significantly into strengthening Greek production and local craftsmanship and traditions.
All our products are made to order, so they can be customizable, and our clients love it that they can customize and personalize most of our pieces, such as changing colors, soles or materials.

                                                            Of our creations are our famous and high-end jeweled sandals, our Ancient Greek style sandals for men and women,

our totally hand-woven bags using crochet art,

applying Greek traditions and culture, our hand painted hats,

and our modern, fashionable and high-end jewelry

                                                     We don't have stock, we only make to order, so to produce only the   necessary items, in order to be more sustainable.
                                     We try to follow our instinct and listen to what our customers ask for,

to determine what will come next in our collections.

And we try to be true to our aesthetics,

we don't want to "follow" fashion blindly,

but we want to choose which elements of fashion

we would like to add to our creations.

We design and make what we ourselves would like to wear.

We are a small family-owned business and all our creations are totally handmade to order, by our very talented artisans, in our workshop in Athens, Greece

We look forward to dreaming, creating & sharing our art with all of you.

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